Friday, October 29, 2010

Days 18 and 19 - Real Spooky

i know what is real - really.
i can feel it
in my toes
in my head
in my belly

but really what's real is more than a feel
it can't be shadows
that's too silly
no one would spend their days
with puppets
in a cave

i know what i know and
although it's not too appealing
life as it is
it is mine
it is right
it is freeing
and i am living it

not staring at some wall
i know reality when i see it, after all

                                                                                                Day 18
(If you have never heard of the allegory of Plato's Cave, look it up on Wikipedia. I promise this will make more sense if you do.)

Some of you, dear friends, work with me so you know that Halloween at Karmak is a HUGE deal. So today's photograph captured what I think is really the heart and soul, meat and potatoes of a Karmak Halloween. Jimmy Lee, you are Halloween at Karmak!

                                                                                         Day 19
Safety and warmth, dear friends. Until we meet again.

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