Friday, October 22, 2010

Days 10, 11 and 12 - Thank God for Weekends and Techie Husbands

Wow. What an interesting set of days. Wednesday woke me gently and sweetly with a terrible sinus headache. Blech! There isn't much more to be said for Wednesday. My photograph for the day is of spaghetti noodles -

Look like brains, huh? That's all I could think of. How much my brain hurt.

Thursday was marginally better but I almost forgot to take a photograph! Luckily, my sweet Pablo P was posing adorably right before bed. Blog readers, meet my baby - Pablo Picasso Bouillon Schesvold -

He is 7 years old and very much a mommy's boy.

That brings us to today. Today is Friday thank goodness! With rain on the way I chose to photograph some fall leaves. They may not last much longer if the promised storms deliver. Living in the moment and enjoying it now isn't quite enough. So captured in the immortality of photographics, here is my breath of autumn -

A blessed evening friends. Enjoy this cool autumn evening.

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  1. Big sorry to Joshy - I meant to say techie - as in technology savvy, not techy as in cranky.