Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 17 - You Didn't Tell Me You Were Gonna Kill It!

At work, we always go all out for Halloween and something new for the last couple years has been a pumpkin carving contest. I decided I try my hand at it this year so last week, we were given pumpkins. Beautiful, orange, Halloween pumpkins. Mine has this amazing flat side that will be perfect to carve up. It's squat and cute and that deep orange skin has been taunting me. I have moved it from the table to the counter, to the living room and back to the kitchen. It has sat on the washer, in my bay window, and for a moment, in my bathroom. It's been calling me - rife with infinite possiblities, thousands of glowing horrid faces, ghastly gouls, witches and cats and ghosts all calling out "EeEeEEEeeeEEezzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyy" (Yes that is how ghosts spell my name in my head) and I turn away knowing it isn't the right time yet. Just not the right time . . . for the last five days, all I have wanted to do to my pumpkin is

Whoo! I feel better now!
Rest well friends and have a blessed tomorrow!

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