Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 3 - Overload

Today has been overwhelming to say to least. Remnants of yesterday's headache mingles with the sinus pressure of changing weather and there I lay - on the war field of my own body's aches and pains. The Need-to's and Have-to's loom above me while the Want-to's cower in the corner and whimper when I change a glance their way.  Ok it probably isn't as bad as all that, but what is an artist if not a tortured soul? Here is my day 3 photo -

A mountain of books to represent the ever-growing treatise of will do and have to do and need to do that has inundated my brain of late. Overwhelming, isn't it? Also, I dropped this pile of books on my shoulder and it really hurt.

Happy Wednesday my friends and a restful night!

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