Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 14 - Yep. It's Raining.

I took some senior portraits today - thankfully before the rain came. Had a great time, took tons of photos. I actually went ahead and snapped my 365 photo while I was waiting.

These boats were lined up all neat and patiently waiting for someone to come hop in and take off. They remind me a little of the weekend my dad got remarried. This was about 9 years ago now I think and at the time I wasn't speaking to him at all. The weekend he and my step-mom got married, I spent with my mom, brother, and some friends out at Beaver Dam camping. That evening when the sun had gone down and only the stars and a pale sliver of a moon lit the sky, one of our friends, Mike, suggested we take the canoe out on the lake for a little midnight spin. I can't tell you how calm and peaceful and beautiful the lake was that night. The canoe sliced through the water nearly silently and the sky coruscated with stars. After several months of intense frustration, confusion, denial, and certainly many more trying emotions for an eighteen year old girl, I had finally found a place of peace. Silence and utter knowledge that I was ok where I was, that time would heal some wounds - even if it left a few nasty scars - and that friends come in all shapes, sizes, and ages flooded me. That someone else's father took me to that place of peace made no difference. We were all just people. All made of the same stuff and all staring at the same twinkling sky and inky water.
My dad and I have a great relationship now. I am sorry I missed his wedding, but not sorry about finding that piece of peace. Funny how a few row boats can bring that back.
Sleep well, friends. Keep safe and dry from the storm.

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