Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 1 - October 11

A new adventure. Yes. That's what I will call it. Welcome to day 1 of my project 365! As some of you may know, I chose today to begin this project because it is my wedding anniversary. Only two years ago today, my wonderful hubby Josh and I took the plunge into wedded bliss. And I am so glad we did. Josh is my rock. He takes care of me and puts up with me and, best of all, he really gets me. I am somewhat of a quirky individual and sometimes, quite frankly - I annoy myself. But Josh knows me. He knows what to say when I'm down and how to make me laugh. I have been thinking about him a lot today so in honor of that, I submit Photo Number 1 of 365 -

year ii

year ii
fire by fire
stone by stone
 my world collapses in a heap
of weeping rubble. 
sleep slips past
and insomnia stays my eyelids.
vapid music and unrealistic expectations haunt my
scant and fitful rest as
family and
allies and
friends alike
fade slowly.
all that remains is my 
smoldering circle.

and then like a mirage
 – tremulous and translucent –
you appear.
shaking off the shimmer your arms wrap
tightly around me.
lips as cool as a
mother’s soft hand on a
feverish child’s forehead
press a kiss to my lips and you whisper “it is ok.”
stones always fall.  
the world is constantly burning.
but when I see you standing there
 and feel your lips
  and arms
   and hands
    and face
     and heart,
nothing else matters.

the world can fade far into the abyss and all is fine
while you are my rock.

Yep. Those are our wedding rings. And the cork is from a bottle of wine we tried to have with dinner. (I say tried to have because we didn't like it. It was Eiswine and it was a beautiful wine, but it tasted like rotten grapes - not fermented grapes and we couldn't drink it. But that's ok.)  And the poem is the poem I wrote for Josh as an anniversary gift. It's all about Josh and I today . . . are you getting that?

Well, ok friends. I will bid you adieu for the evening. Rest well and have a blessed tomorrow!

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