Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Days 29 and 30 - Changing Times and OId Friends

The time changed. Profound, right? But did it really change? People say "You gained an hour of daylight" or "You lost an hour of sleep" but really, let's face it. We are not actually changing time. The hour of daylight is neither gained nor lost; it is just adjusted a little due to our perception of that hour. I know that we have not actually changed the time. I feel it in my bones, and my muscles, my stomach, my eyes - my body is still on the old time. Anyway the point I am getting at is we as humans do not have the power to actually change time. Only koala bears can do that.

In preparation for hosting Thanksgiving a my house this year, I was working on cleaning out our study when I ran across an old friend - my very first SLR film camera. There was no film in it, but I advanced the frame anyway and pressed firmly just to hear the familiar chu-clink of the shutter. The smell of metal and plastic and chemicals still lingers on my fingers. I can almost feel the squeak of fresh film rolling through spool. Hello Nikon FM10!

Pleasant dreams friends and have a blessed tomorrow!

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