Saturday, November 6, 2010

Days 25 and 26 - Days off Work

It's been a few days since I posted, but I assure you I have been taking my photographs. Thursday was a busy day as usual. Josh was off work to visit Blackburn College - our Alma Mater. Many of you may know this, but Josh has written a book called Finger Food Fiction. It is a collection of one hundred and one stories that are each one hundred and one words long. He was on campus visiting his creative writing teacher and her current creative writing class. And being the sweet husband he is, he wore this awesome sweater I got for him -

When we first met, Josh wore these Hawaiian style shirts over plain white tees. All the time. Every day. Even when it was 40 degrees outside. He has evolved a bit and will, wear a jacket now but when he let me get him this sweater, frankly I was ecstatic. The colors are Autumn if I ever saw them and he looks ADORABLE in it. (Sorry, Joshy, I mean rugged and manly.) He came and took me to lunch wearing it just because he knows how much I love it when he wears it. (Ok girls, it's ok to say awwwww now.) Ok. I guess that's enough about the sweater. Point is, I really like the sweater and I love it when Josh wears it.

When I was very young and my brother Scot was even younger, we were sitting on the floor together. I was drawing and he was bothering me. He wanted me to play with him and I wanted to draw. I kept telling him to leave me alone and he kept bugging me until in a six year old fit of frustration, I balled up a tiny fist and brought it down with a crack on his skinny little knee. Now, I swear to this day that I put that pencil down, but my baby brother still carries a little blue scar on his knee from where the pencil lead embedded itself beneath his skin. Why is this relevant to my day 26 photograph, you may ask? Well, I have a confession. I absolutely took my photograph yesterday, but in my infinite absentmindedness, I deleted it today. I don't know what I was thinking, but it is gone. <Insert stupid little sad face emoticon here.> So I took an extra photograph today to represent when I did yesterday -

I had yesterday off so I spent it putting the bedroom back together, which included a lot of book rearranging. Also, I got to go to my first book club meeting. That was pretty awesome. So that is all I have for this post. Look for my Day 27 post shortly.

Blessings, friends!

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