Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 31 - Dirty Socks and Day 32 - A Little Bit Country

Yesterday at work, Karmak's Green Committee hosted a "Dirty Sock Contest". Basically, we took plain white tube socks and put them over people's exhaust pipes and had them run the car for about 30 seconds. The point was to find out how much emissions the cars gave off. The results were pretty surprising; most people at Karmak have really clean cars. The dirtiest sock, however, was REALLY dirty. Here is my buddy Bob holding a sock on the tail pipe - and hopefully holding his breath!

I was on hold with a customer at work today and the hold music was a country station. I don't know the song that was playing but for a moment, I was transported from my desk to my grandmother's camper many years ago. I could smell the fresh air and hear the hum of my mom's sewing machine. My brother and I ran through the woods along a little creek. The leaves rustled so gently and that good ol' country music played as Mom and Grandma sewed away. It was a great escape from a really crappy day. Funny how little things like that can trigger such strong memories.

Sleep well dear friends, and may you enjoy a flashback in the near future - it's good for what ails, ya! Blessings and peace. 

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  1. Great idea on the dirty sock event! If carbon dioxide was visible or had an odor, just imagine how much more people would care about emissions.

    Jeff Z