Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Days 23 and 24 - Cooler Weather and Warmer Feelings

My grandmother and mom used to make homemade applesauce every year. They would go to the orchard, buy some the "seconds" (I guess the apples that weren't pretty?) and then spend a day turning them into delicious, sweet, chunky applesauce. The smells that filled our house on applesauce day are a big part of the reason I love Fall. What better way to welcome this colorful season than with apples, cinnamon, and Grandma! We are well past the point of applesauce day in the Schesvold household; matter of fact, it never came this year. (Or last . . . ) But last year, Josh and I stopped at the tiny Carlinville Farmer's Market to pick up some Malham's apples and the gentleman there stuck two giant green apples in my pockets. Something about his eyes reminded me of my grandmother and those apples . . . those apples were the prettiest, sweetest, tastiest apples I had had in a long time. So yesterday when I was at the grocery store, I found some Malham's apples and bought a few. Blushing coyly in the late autumn sun, they became Day 23 of my project 365 -

 Well, you have met me, you have met Josh, and you have met Pablo. Now you get to meet Ilsa Meg.
Ilsa has been a bad kitty. She is not a popular kitty at my house right now. On Sunday, as you may know, I painted our bedroom. Well, it took Monday night to paint the trim and last night to finish the touch up work. Sunday and Monday nights, we had the bed in the middle of the room - away from the walls so I could paint them. Last night we moved the bed back against the wall so when Ilsa came flying into the bedroom to come to bed with us, she launched her ten pound self right into Josh's . . . man area. Yeah. I know. Ouch. As I said, she is not a popular kitty at my house right now. But dang it if she isn't adorable! 

Rest well dear friends. May neither the frost nor the bed bugs bite and have a blessed tomorrow!

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