Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 41 - Melt with You & Day 42 - Giving Thanks

Yesterday when I got up I decided to go ahead and start cleaning out the refrigerator. I think I mentioned this before, but I get to host Thanksgiving this year so I have been a cleaning tornado lately. But thus far the freezer has escaped my wild and terrible winds. As I was pulling things out of the freezer, I came across an entire container of sherbet. Unopened. Old. For sherbet anyway. Well, I had pulled that and a few other items out of the freezer to throw away when Josh came into the kitchen. His sleepy eyes brightened when he noticed I had some old ice sitting out. "Can I melt that?" he asked. I told him he could and, excitedly, he dumped the ice in the sink and turned the hot water on full blast. Well he melted all the ice and rinsed a couple other things until all that was left was the sherbet. Yep - we melted that too! It was really pretty in a strange sort of way.

That is how Josh and I spent the first half hour of our Saturday together. I know; we're weird. But hey it's cheap entertainment!
Today at church was all about Thanksgiving. We talked about counting out blessings, what blessings really are, etc. You'll be hearing more from me about Thanksgiving this week. For now, here is my clean fridge and the nineteen and a half pound turkey defrosting for Thursday.

Sweet dreams dear friends and have a blessed tomorrow!

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