Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 27 - A Train that Won't Ever Come

Today was a nice quiet day. Josh and I had originally had plans to go car shopping this morning, I had a photo session planned for this afternoon and there was a play we were going to see tonight. Absolutely none of that happened today. We decided that we didn't feel like going to look at cars today so we planned a trip for next week. My client canceled the session due to a sick little one. And we are sticks in the mud and decided to stay in tonight. Boring I know. But it was great to get to spend a nice relaxing day in our pajamas, just the two of us. We did, however, take a little road trip this afternoon so I could take some photographs of Josh. He is one of my favorite subjects of all times. This is not just because he is my husband, but he is so relaxed about it. He may give me a little crap here and there, but he will stand anywhere in any position for me and he will do it without complaining. You can't ask for a better model than that! We traveled out to the tunnel in the road by the mine then out past the mine to a little abandoned train depot. It was a beautiful day for photographs and the depot had so many interesting backdrops, I couldn't resist stopping. While posing for one the photographs, Josh started joking about waiting for a train that was never going to come. Waiting for a train that will never come. I know he was playing around (not to mention he is highly influenced by the pulp fiction and noir literature he has been reading lately) but wow. The vision of him sitting alone, casting a long shadow in the late afternoon sun, squinting down silent train tracks . . . it was almost like he stepped straight out of a noir right there. Waiting for his own Godot. And really, aren't we all.

Sweet dreams, friends, and enjoy the rest of your weekends!

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