Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 40 - This Is a Piece of Holly

Today's photograph is dedicated to my mom. The Boy Scouts used to sell these pine boughs and holly branches. You could buy kits to make wreaths or centerpieces out of fresh Christmas-type greens. One of my friends at work has a son in scouts who was selling them this year so I ordered some fresh holly. It came in today and since I can hardly contain my excitement over Christmas I had to use the holly for my photograph. While I was wondering around the house wishing for some freshly fallen snow for a backdrop for my holly I started thinking about Mom. She doodles when she is on a long phone call and she used to draw these little pieces of holly and put a note next to them saying "this is a piece of holly." So here you go, Mama! This is a piece of holly.

Sweet dreams dear friends and have a blessed tomorrow!

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