Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 37 - Wishing Life Backwards

Red said to Green, "Don't be so Yellow." Then Green was Blue.
If Red repeated the phrase, what would Orange do?
Orange wouldn't listen
to what Red said.
Orange would just be glad
he's not Purple.

I hear it said (and say it) all the time - Don't wish your life away. Youth is something we are obsessed with in this culture. So many of us truly don't wish our lives away. At times like these, I wish mine backwards. Life was so much simpler in comparison when we were children. But when I open my eyes after a daydream and find myself 27 with a mortgage and a job that isn't what I'd always dreamed of, at least I can pull out my crayons, inhale the waxy sweetness and remember that age doesn't matter; I am never too old to color.

Colorful dreams dear friends, and have a blessed evening!

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