Monday, February 14, 2011


Ok. Lesson learned. I waited WAY too long to post these photos. I don't remember what was going on in half of them! But see - that's the whole point of Project 365! One photo a day to keep track of lives lived too fast. So dear friends, my apologies for depriving you of the awesome little tidbits of wisdom and enlightening musings, but I have got to get caught up. Here was my life between December 16 and December 30 -

I really liked my eye liner that day ...

Did cast photos for The Nutcracker. My brother Scot was the nutcracker.

Katie and Alex's engagement photos. I love these guys; they are so cut together!

Umm ... maybe I was playing with flash outdoors?

Me and my best friend Katie. I spent the evening with her for some much needed girl time.

Yeah I got nuthin'. No idea what this was about. Either I spent a lot of time on my hair or I was pointing out what a slob I am by not putting my stuff away.


Had a photo session and did some studio-type work. Thanks Boston family! You guys were awesome to work with!

Christmas Eve morning - yes those ARE Cheetos in Josh's stocking. Santa knew he would rather have those than candy.

Christmas Eve evening - I made baked ziti and we had a bottle of wine. We did the church at midnight thing. If I can take a sec to get all sappy - this was the closest to a perfect day that I think I have ever had.

Christmas Day - Mom opening a present. There were so many photos I would have loved to put up but this one really captured the mood of the day.

Pablo sitting in "child's pose" on the back of one of the free chairs.

Scary yet awesome icicle outside my back door.

Sexy red sheets we got for Christmas.

Playing with the manual settings on my camera. (Pay no attention to the cat fur clinging to my free chair.)

An afghan I was finishing up for my brother.

Whoo! Really - lesson learned. I swear! I have more, many more, but I need a break. Let it all soak in dear friends. Maybe I should say - go wring your brains out so there is more room to soak because there is much more to follow!

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