Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Days 83-92 - January Part I

Well dear friends, I see you all survived the Ezzy creativity overload from last night and you're back for more. Admit it - you love me! You really really love me!
Again, I don't remember a lot about some of these photos so let's just roll with it.

Scot and Kristin came over on New Year's Day and we opened our presents for each other. This is Scot with the blanket I made him. I think he liked it!

Here is the kickin' bookshelf Scot made me for Christmas. It's really unique - as you can see from the lines on my wall, the shelf itself leans to the right. Trust me, it's totally awesome. Now I just need to paint it ...

I think I took this photo to show off the bookends I made for Josh for Christmas. Yes I understand that they are being misused since they are hold up movies instead of books. I rearranged things this week and they are fulfilling their intended purpose now. The world makes sense again.

I had climbed into bed before I remembered to take my photo this night and when I flipped on the light to walk down the hallway and get my camera, the light cast this really cool shadow on one of the crocheted snowflakes my mom made for me. So I shot the shadow. Neat, huh?

Between stress and having a desk job, I had the worst knot in my neck. Josh was sweet enough to use this back massager (affectionately known around my house as "Mr Happy") to try to help my muscles relax. He really is the sweetest thing. Josh - not Mr Happy.

It snowed - obviously - and as I came home from work, I noticed this mess of weeds I didn't get cleaned up this fall. The snow made an interesting texture.

I think it warmed up a little and one of the weeds from yesterday had fallen over. The ice on the head looked like little beads. It was cool.

Read "World Without End" by Ken Follett. I don't care that it 1014 pages. Read it. It's amazing.

Josh got a new printer for Christmas from Dad and Kelly. We set it up and when we pulled it out of the box, there was no plastic. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. I'm typically not a fan of HP, but this scored some major points in my book. Not only was there no plastic, this bag is totally huge and reusable. Score! (Yeah - I did just type "score". I need some rest ... by brain is turning to mush!!)

Josh and I like wine. It's a hobby Josh decided he wanted to pick up and I just get to go along for the ride. For a wedding gift, I had commissioned a wine wrack from the little furniture place on West Main. (It's not there anymore; it used to be where the Boot Camp place is now.) Anyway, I talked to the guy about building it, gave him 40 bucks and told him when I needed it by. I showed up the day before our wedding to pick it up only to find out the gentleman who was supposed to be building my husband's wedding gift no longer worked there. The woman in charge was amazingly nice and gave me my money back, but I didn't have a wine wrack for my hubby to be. Obviously, I never managed because my brother made this for us for Christmas. And he even left it unfinished so I can paint or stain it the way Josh wants.

That's me for the evening. I have photos to edit so expect another slew of random and amazing photographs from my totally awesome life tomorrow!
Sleep well dear friends and have a blessed tomorrow!

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