Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 93-97 - Snow and More Holidays

Good evening friends. I hope your weekends have been restful and you are feeling ready for the week that lies inevitably before us. I'm still working on catching you up on my life this year so we continue our journey together.

Snow. I love it or hate it. I'm never just ok with it and typically after mid-January I am DONE with it. My patience for the white stuff not only leaves the building, it runs out screaming bloody murder and pulls the fire alarm on the way out. But the snow in this picture still stood in my good graces so I decided to play with some camera settings and coerced my dear hubby into donning a hat and sweater and freezing his feet off for the sake of my art.  

Those of you who know me know I love to cook. I got this awesome cookbook for Christmas from Kelly that has a bunch of appetizer recipes and I was dying to try the "cheese straws." I don't think I did it right. I shredded the cheese and mixed it all up, stuck it in my cake decorator and couldn't get the dough to come out. I mean it was really really stuck. So I ended up molding them manually into these ugly little logs. Well, cheese straws are supposed to be really thin and tiny and these were ...  well, they weren't that. They were more like little cheese biscuits. But hey, ya win some; ya lose some. This time I just lost.

This guy had to come up sooner or later. Josh has had this frog as long as I have known him. He got it in Mexico when he was on a mission trip with his church youth group and it CREEPS ME OUT! That's a real frog, you know. A dead, stuffed, brown, shellacked frog. Playing a wooden trumpet. Random? Oh yes. Interesting? Eeee, I guess. Explicable? Absolutely not. But Josh loves it so I doubt it's going anywhere. Unless my suspicions are correct and it roams the house at night in search of zombie flies ...

Well, we packed up and headed to Bensenville to see the Schesvold's. We had dinner that night in Elmhurst with an old friend from college and on the way back to the car, I took a photo of one of my favorite little walkways in Elmhurst. It's still dressed up for Christmas. Isn't it cute?

We attended a party at Josh's Aunt Carol's lovely home in Rockford. And we didn't really know anyone. It was a lovely party, but we were all kind of sleep-deprived and more than a little slap happy. So as we congregated in the game room in the basement, I posed the question "what face would you make if I told you this was our last night on earth?" And here are the faces they made. So this photo is technically three photos, but I couldn't leave any out. This is art people. Pure art. (I love being a Schesvold!)

More posts to follow soon, dear friends. We are getting caught up! Huzzah! Stay tuned ...

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