Monday, March 21, 2011

Days 142-145 - Book Club

I recently joined a book club. I had never belonged to one before so when I saw a posting on the intranet at work I jumped on it. I used to love to read when I was in school but lately I haven't been reading like I once was. But then last year I set a goal to read 10 books. I made the goal easily and set a higher goal of 15 books for this year. My book club meets once a month and we take turns hosting. March 4 was my turn to host. I love having people over. I truly enjoy entertaining, but I am a little anal and prefer the house to be perfectly in order before people come over. Well, that didn't quite happen this time, but the house was clean enough and everything went well so I consider it a success! Here are the photos from my cleaning days (142-144) and the night of book club.

I know it's just a boring little light bulb - it's actually the bulb that blew out in my refrigerator - but it's kind of cool looking. I want to take it out at sunset and have someone hold it so it looks like the sun is setting in it. Now that would be an interesting photo!

Sweep sweep sweep the floor. Make it nice and clean!

Each time we meet, we choose one or two books for the next meetings so we have time to buy and read them. Here is the "hat" with our choices.

And finally - a vital part of book club. The wine!

I had quite the stressful weekend dear friends so this is all you get tonight. I am finally close to getting you caught up on the amazing exciting life of Ezzy so expect more posts this week. Until then, enjoy the warm weather, sweet dreams, and blessed tomorrows!

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