Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 114-141 - February

Well, February sure did fly by and I am still not caught up! Here is my birth month in review.

Cabin fever! (This is a wall in my kitchen. It looks like a cabin.)

The ice hanging from mirror reminded me of Dali's melting clocks. My car was a work of art!

I call this "Encased" and like Ron Burgundy, this twig is in a glass case of emotion.

This is the wine I drank at book club. I was playing with the manual settings on my camera.

Josh and I got a couple new bookcases with some of our Christmas money. Not only were the instructions extremely difficult to follow, this pile of junk is all the left over parts we had. But the shelves are still standing. I take that as a good sign.

This is the booth I shared with a videographer at the wedding show in Litchfield. He and I are teaming up to offer a one-stop-shop for affordable wedding video and photography. Check it out at

For the first time in a long time, I have been working on an art project other than photography. It feels really good. Here are some of the materials I am using. Keep your eyes pealed for subsequent steps and soon, the finished product!

I had the pleasure of having coffee with a dear friend of mine who is getting married in July. I am the photographer for her wedding. She handed me their save-the-date and when I got home and went to hang it on the refrigerator, I realized A LOT of people we know are getting married right now. Here is a pile of save-the-dates.

This is Josh working on writing his novel. I asked for a chapter of it for my birthday. He did not disappoint!

Another piece of my art project ...

Today I had my Rocky Horror Picture Show cherry popped. It literally blew my mind. It raped my mind.

And I liked it.

This is Ellie. She is Kelly and Dad's puppy.

Still recovering from the awesome weirdness that is Rocky Horror Picture Show, I tried to return my brain to normalcy with some sudoku. Whether it worked is any one's guess!

Valentine's Day was on a Monday this year so there wasn't too much romantic I felt we could do. So I drew a heart in the snow, took a photo of it, and gave Josh a card with this picture on it. Awww.

I think I was feeling particularly unattractive this day. Maybe playing with camera settings ... not really sure on this one.

Ilsa was in big trouble this day. Pablo was the good cat. Here he is getting a drink from the bathtub faucet.

The sun was creating such an interesting affect on the wheel of my old car. I love how the rusty wheel innards thing contrasts with the silvery plastic of the hubcap or whatever it's called. (Like my technical car terms?)

On a quick trip to Goodwill to procure art supplies, we found this tea pot. We paid a couple bucks for this awesome piece of kitchenware. Goodwill rocks! 

More work on my art project. Book lovers avert your eyes. I did tear pages out of books.

Ummm, took some photos? I'm not sure what this is about.

Shamrock shakes are back at McDonald's! Huzzah!

I don't remember what happened this day but I was so very excited when Josh got home. This is his hoodie. When I am feeling down, I like to wear it - it's like being wrapped up in him.

Must've had music on the mind ...

My husband - NOT a cat person.

Finished a huge project. I was so relieved!

Did some photos with Bob and Terri. We did their engagement session at the Anderson Mansion in Carlinville. As we were leaving I snapped a photo of this windmill. Because it's cool.

I was messing with the white balance on my camera and came up with this photo. The only manipulation outside the camera was to resize it. Cool, huh? 

And this was my birthday.

Woo! Done! Well, that was February. I promise I will try to do better with March. Sweet dreams dear friends and have a blessed tomorrow!

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