Saturday, March 5, 2011

Days 104-113 - The Rest of January

Good evening dearest friends. I hope this chilly Saturday evening finds you well. We spent a pretty relaxing day around the house. I finished a couple really large projects this week and am starting to feel caught up - or a reasonable approximation at least. So here is a little more catching up! Enjoy the rest of my January photos.

I spent some time scrap booking on Day 104. As I recall, I didn't get much done.

Hmmm ... messing with camera settings maybe?

Oh yes, I remember this one. I looked and Josh and said, "Do you want some ice cream?" He said sure he did. So we bundle up in our coats and mittens and hop in the car. As we are sitting in the Dairy Queen drive-through with the heat on full blast, I said, "This is stupid." We laughed really hard. I remember I got a hot fudge sundae - that was the warmest ice cream I could get.

This is my MP3 player. I'm not sure why it was my photo for the day, but there you go.

I took this after my first yoga practice. Three words - I LOVE YOGA. Sue, if you read this, thanks so much for inviting me. You are an awesome teacher!

This is one of the bluest skies we'd seen in many weeks. Those pretty clouds gave me hope and warmth.

Those are M&M's on the foot board of my bed. Not much else to say about them.

Today I went shopping for jeans. It was a beautiful day! I traveled to Springfield and had a lovely time with myself. And I got some new jeans. Which you see here.

Mom got us this amazing coffee maker for Christmas. We use it so much! There is no pot - the coffee filters into a tank and you press your mug against the silver button you see here to dispense the coffee.

Just a reminder that winter was still here.

And just like that, January is posted! Thank you dear friends for hanging in there with me and reading. Have sweet dreams and blessed tomorrow!

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