Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 148-149 - Down Days

There isn't much to say about these early week photographs. On Day 148 (also known as March 7) I actually couldn't really think of anything to photograph. Yeah - I think I had a photo block. So I snapped a quick shot of the first thing I saw - my vaccuum cleaner.

I know. It's not even interesting. But we all have those days. A wise man once told me, "We can't be up all the time." I whole-heartedly agree. It's hard being in the down time but we really need those lows in order to process the highs. Besides, they don't stick around terribly long usually.
The next day was another down day but more in the sense that Josh and I both stayed home from work not feeling well. My day was cheered a little by a late birthday present I got in the mail from my baby bro.

He got me the book - not the flash. I was just trying to be artsy. I haven't made it all the way through the book, but I am photograhing a wedding this weekend and this should help immensely. Thanks Stot!

Well dear friends, that's all the wisdom I have to impart for this evening. Sweet dreams and blessed tomorrows to all!

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