Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 54 - Self Esteem

Day 54 was a day of high hopes. Unfulfilled high hopes, but high hopes nonetheless. Josh published a book last year called "Finger Food Fiction". It's this eclectic little collection of one hundred and one word stories. One hundred and one of them. He started this project as an exercise and turned out to be really good at it (no surprise there - Josh is good at everything! Except physics. I'm not being mean - just ask him.) Well he ended up with around 200 of them and was able to pick and choose his favorite and, well the rest is history. He's a published author! So you can imagine how proud of him I was when the owners of the local book store asked if he would like to have a book signing during Carlinville's annual Christmas Market. Hence the high hopes. I spammed everyone in my inbox letting them know the book signing would take place. I talked him up at my work. I told everyone I saw weeks before. I made sure the event showed up in the Carlinville paper. At the market while he was signing books, I wondered around the tents and told everyone I saw (that I knew) to go check him out. He sold three copies.
I was crushed. I thought, what is this going to do to my delicate hot house flower of a hubby. His fragile ego will be crushed. He'll never want to do anything like this again.
I took it a lot harder than he did. After a nice warm Mexican dinner, he was laughing and smiling. So Joshy, Day 54 is dedicated to you. I love you and your talent. "Finger Food Fiction" is easily one of my favorite books and I feel blessed that you shared a piece of yourself with me and the rest of the world. It's truly a better world with you in it!

Plus, you looked damn fine!

Sleep well dear friends! May warm blankets and sweet dreams await you in your beds!  

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